Shelly N. PhD

I had a wonderful experience in your workshop. The two of you are very special women, and you both create beautiful energy. Your book is lovely. Profound. I've been on a spiritual path for a long time, and so it is in attunement with where I am.

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Maximum Benefit with Minimum Effort... Jill Lebeau is a highly effective spiritual psychotherapist with a wonderfully warm and witty writing style. She helped me break through that dark place that always tries to smother my sunny disposition; that sticking point in my spiritual growth where my stomach turns to lead and my emotional clutter overwhelms me. I have reached this point dozens of times and either remained stuck or turned back. This time is different. With Jill and the wisdom in her book to guide me, my sticking point became my transition point. Her book, Feng Shui Your Mind: Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!, (FSYM) is full of practical help to transform habitual negative thinking patterns that are prevalent in our culture; negative patterns that diminish everything from our health to our financial success to our relationships. The easy steps in FSYM help build new neural pathways that lead to positive thinking patterns as I practice living in faith with this highly-inspired and inspirational work. I feel like I have been handed a miracle as I see the Feng Shui Your Mind process working in my life after reading her book and having met with Jill over only four therapy sessions. What have I gained? The ability to transform fear into faith while under great emotional stress. Relief from feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges and the ability to face them with grace rather than panic. An increased insight into how powerful I already am and how much power is mine if I simply choose to access it within my own mind. Jill taught me that anxiety is joy-killing and energy draining and that decreasing the stress in my life takes surprisingly little effort once you know how. The work of Esther Hicks has been defining my spiritual path for almost 2 years now. As moved, inspired and uplifted as I am by Esther's work, I could never quite find the key to implement her teachings into my life. For me, FSYM is that key. Jill Lebeau and her fabulous book are helping me learn to let go of resistance so I allow the natural stream of well-being to flow into my life! Jill's book (a collaborative effort with Maureen Raytis L.Ac.) takes the same principles as Esther's work and combines it with teachings from myriad spiritual paths and a healthy dose of quantum physics, then simplifies the whole thing into a process that is easy to practice. FSYM explains this simple process in words that are easy to understand and a font that is easy to read. My therapy sessions with Jill have helped me integrate this process rapidly into my life. The combination is a powerful force that is transforming my life in beautiful, positive, wonderful ways only six weeks after I first heard of Jill Lebeau. Ready to create the joyful life you deserve?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Rapidly transformed and thrilled beyond belief!!!, May 20, 2011 I am writing this review because you are probably just like me in that you have already read countless self-help, personal growth or spiritually based books and you want to know why this one is different. This book is and always will be in my top 5 favorites because unlike the hundreds of other books I've read it actually gives me a CLEAR, FUNNY and profoundly life altering process to declutter my over active and often times cruel mind! It is so hard to turn off that pesky little voice that keeps me from attaining higher states of consciousness let alone manifesting my dreams. Feng Shiu your mind actually gave me an easy process on how to do just that and the unfolding of my dreams is finally at hand. Seriously. I also have to add that this book is so damn funny and a total joy to read! They say joy and laughter will help you get to your goals faster and who the hell says you can't have fun doing it?!! LOVE THIS BOOK!

5.0 out of 5 stars BEST BOOK OUT THERE!, February 25, 2011 I started reading Feng Shui Your Mind and couldn't put it from the minute I picked it up! Usually I get bored and distracted easily. When I was not reading this book, I was thinking about it and actually doing what it suggested in my real, daily life. This is the first book that really made sense to me. I've read and heard about this topic before, but this time something clicked and I really got what they were saying for the first time in my life. Reading Feng Shui Your Mind made me feel like it wasn't so hard nor not fun to 'declutter the mind' as they say in the book. The program the authors lay out is easy to follow and the examples they give, I could relate to and use in my every day life. They make it sound fun and because I finally "got it' the process is fun! I highly recommend this book to all people for a heathy, fun and exciting way to live your life. I can't wait for more books from these two amazing and gifted writers, teachers and spiritual doctors. Thank you so much Maureen and Jill, you have changed my life!

5.0 out of 5 stars Creating Change with Ease!, July 27, 2010 Feng Shui Your Mind is such a delight to read-- easy, breezy, with marvelous insights into the way we can learn to "declutter" our minds and lead fulfilled lives. Using the transformational context of the Chinese five healing elements, it provides a unique way to appreciate different paths for creating positive professional and personal change. I love reading this book at night before I go to sleep-- letting Jill and Maureen's warm, spirited conversational style guide me into deeper awareness of how to live with joy, clarity, and intention.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, insightful book, July 20, 2010 This book gives you the tools to organize things in your life in a very unique way, using Eastern philosophies to see things in a new perspective.

Adrianna Velez

Feng Shui Your Mind is truly a revolutionary book and a gem in its finest form. It takes all the principles we know and gives you a game plan to actually live them! This is a book that I will always have handy because opening to any page is an immediate vibration booster. It is funny, loving and practical in that it helps you retrain that pesky cluttered mind into a beautiful, glowing treasure chest full of endless opportunities that is working FOR you, not against you. Thank you Jill and Maureen for creating this timeless, hilarious and deeply life altering masterpiece!

Eve Siegel, Certified Life Coach
Kailas Life Coaching

This spiritual/self-help book is both fun and practical, providing engaging examples of how people can transcend their cluttered minds and live in their power! I found it inspiring, and have been incorporating the principles and exercises in my coaching practice with great results! I highly recommend it.

Rebecca Grado, MFT

I loved this book! Feng Shui Your Mind provides an insightful and practical guide for clearing away those pesky cluttered thoughts that ultimately stop us from creating our best lives. It is a must read for anyone ready to shed limitations and step into absolute abundance. A huge standing ovation to Jill Lebeau and Maureen Raytis for giving us this wonderful gift.

Mary Huse, R.N., L.Ac.,
Nationally Recognized Professor of Five Element Acupuncture

What a fantastic book with so many great teachings rolled into one. It's so refreshing to read something that is powerful and profound, written in such an easy and enjoyable style. Loved it!